Instruments of Kindness

This past Sunday, we considered the kindness of God in Christ.

Like I said, that kindness is no static thing. The Book of Ruth is showing us that the dynamic, extravagant kindness of God does not merely come to us; it moves through us as the Spirit makes us Christ-like instruments of His divine goodness (Rom 8:29).

With that in mind, I want to encourage us all to meditate on that to and through reality. God has been so kind to us; how might He extend that kindness through us this week?

Wherever you are right now, stop and say a quick prayer: “Lord, thank you for kindness to me in Christ. Please give me eyes to see how I can extend that kindness today.”

Then, watch out.

By the same “happenstance” that landed Ruth before Boaz, God will present you with opportunities for kindness—whether that’s a hug, a hot meal, a word of encouragement, or an extension of undeserved mercy and grace.

When He does, lean in. Our exceedingly kind God is on the move; we know this because we’ve seen Him at work in us. Let us all labor to see Him at work in others, as well. When we do, may He grant us the boldness to let people know just how kind the gospel truly is.