Missed Opportunities

Brothers and Sisters,

I was hacking away at my keyboard this morning when my son’s little face popped around the corner. It was only 6:40 (20 minutes before the kids’ official wakeup time), and he knew the only way I’d let him stay up was if he grabbed his Bible and sat down at the kitchen table.

As soon as he got done, he peppered me with questions—not so much about Jesus but about what I was working on. I asked him a question or two in response. To be honest, I didn’t listen to his answers. I had lots to do and only a few short minutes before the girls showed up to put an official end to my “productive” time.

As I sat and prayed this afternoon, the Spirit convicted me over that missed opportunity to help my son apply God’s word to his young soul. My “productivity” was misplaced.

When I reflect, I see more of this kind of thing in my life than I care to admit. And I share this with you because I suspect I’m not the only one. We’ve all got places to go, people to see, and things to do. Life is fast-paced. We’re all struggling to keep up. When opportunities arise, we’re moving too fast to notice them for what they are. So, we keep on truckin’.

Some of the heaviest spiritual lifting happens in these in-between moments: the child at the kitchen table, the seat mate on the plane, the break room chat with a coworker, and so on. Will we pull back the throttle enough to engage them? Or will we get on to “better” things?

May the Lord help us to slow down and open our eyes. When opportunities arise, I pray He’d give us the faith to set aside our agenda and accept the unexpected works He sets before us.

We only get so many mornings at the kitchen table.

Your Brother in Christ,